4 Very Important Home Safety Tips When You Have Children

Keeping your home safe is probably always on your mind. However, as soon as kids join the family, safety becomes a much bigger thing. Adults can still take care of themselves and notice danger when it presents itself. Our children don’t have that ability yet. Many of the safety tips we share today are common sense, but sometimes we need reminding because they become part of our lives and we hardly think about it. Our top home safety tips are:

Children should be supervised all the time

It is never a good idea to leave children unattended. They can come up with the most interesting things and get themselves into trouble in a second. Always keep a wary eye wherever your children are.

Never leave children alone where there is water

Bathtubs, pools, basins, pales, fish ponds, jacuzzies, and even kiddie pools are major hazards for children. It takes seconds for a child to drown in even an inch of water. Babies are not strong enough to keep their heads above and older children may not know how to get themselves out of a dangerous situation. Never leave your children alone in or near water. Watch them like a hawk and take them with you if you have to answer the phone.

Store chemicals and cleaning materials out of the reach of children

Many household items have the potential to poison children. They don’t need to contain poison to be a danger. Normal everyday chemicals like deodorant can be hazardous. Medicines, cleaning supplies, paints, detergents, and any other such products should be locked away safely. Childproof rooms and cupboards where you store these items.

Keep your baby’s sleeping environment hazard-free.

The cot or bed that your baby sleeps in should be kept clear of unnecessary clutter. Suffocation is one of the biggest causes of unintentional injury-related deaths in babies and children. Fluffy pillows, excess blankets, and even stuffed toys can be hazardous to especially small babies. Keep the area where they sleep clear of such hazards especially around their head, face, and hands. They can easily throw a blanket over their faces and not know how to get it off.

There are many more things to consider and keep in mind, but these are some of the most important safety tips to keep your children safe in your home.