7 Useful Pressure Washer Accessories You Must Have
Mother and three years old son washing car with high pressure washer with boy pointing water nozzle standing in outside in the yeard parking

A pressure washer is a handy equipment that you can use to clean large surfaces easily. The machine works by exerting tremendous force to water pushing it through a pipe onto an area. The water hits the surface with a force that blasts away dirt and debris. The proper use of a pressure washer is governed by the incorporation of the right accessories that go with the machine. Some of the accessories as sold at a complete unit when buying the machine while others are sold separately, and here are some of the must-have accessories.

1. Hose: Every pressure washer is sold with an attached hose, but some of the hoses are of inferior quality materials. Manufacturers invest heavily in the proper use of the machine but pay little attention to the quality of the pipe since this is a replaceable accessory. As such it is better to buy an extra pipe and pay attention to the quality as well as the length of the pipe.

2. Water Flow Controller: It is a device that connects the hose and the want and is required to control the flow of water. It has a swivel action on the top section that is turned to regulate how much water flows through the wand. It is a handy accessory that you will need to water with a lesser force than you normally would.

3. Spray Lance: Most pressure washers come with a spray lance, but it often is not a long as one would like. The lance increases the machine’s gun reach to enable you to work on areas such as gutters that are hard to reach. The best lance to use is the type that allows for an extended reach that goes all the way to the ground.

4. Spray Nozzle: You may need several nozzles; you can have one that gives you a jet of water that’s as thin as a pencil and another that ejects a spray of water and others with different settings. A set of assorted nozzles is not that expensive and should be part of the must-have pressure washer accessories. Also, consider investing a nozzle that offers different water settings.

5. Rotary Brush: It is a brush that you attach to the end of the lance and use it clean the surfaces. The brush rotates due to the force of the flowing water, and it scraps and loosens the stubborn dirt and debris without the use of too much water pressure. The rotary brush is useful accessories to have when using the pressure washer to clean surfaces such as tiles and timber decks that should be cleaned using a minimum water pressure and force.

6. Soap Ejector: Cleaning requires the use of soap to work on the dirt and stains, and that is where the soap injector becomes a necessary accessory when using the pressure washer. It attached at the end of the spray lance to generate an even layer of soap over the surface you are cleaning.

7. Pump Saver: It is an accessory that you primarily need to help extend the machine’s life. The pump saver is a unique liquid solution that you will run through the unit to lubricate the pistons and prevent water deposits and freeze damage.


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