About Us

Home Safely is a magazine blog about your home and garden. It features material and articles about how to be safe in your home and garden as well as other tips and guides regarding the home and garden. Our homes should be our escape and our gardens should offer sanctuary and therapy. Your home and garden is the place away from work and everyday hassles and it should be a safe place to rest and relax.

We have writers that have expertise in gardening, safety, home building and renovations, roofing, landscaping, and being homemakers. They all have great knowledge to share and a lot of tips from their own experience. They have all been with this magazine for at least 2 years and we have a wonderful team. Our versatility allows us to offer you content that is unique, helpful, entertaining, and even a bit humorous.

Home Safely is aimed at anyone who has an interest in improving their home or garden, who needs tips for fixing something, starting a herb garden, choosing patio furniture, or how to make their homes and gardens safe for their families. Safety is also of utmost importance. Here at Home Safely, we strive to only bring you the best news and content and the most feel-good home-making tips.

Welcome to our home, we hope you enjoy it here!