How to Avoid Racoon Problems on Your Property

Although raccoons are relatively wild animals, they have made a name for themselves as urban dwellers and have adapted to the big city life unlike any other species. For this reason, raccoon-human encounters are extremely common. They are formidable climbers, agile, curious and for these reasons, it’s not so simple to just avoid having them snoop around your yard or home.


This is normally impossible. A fence worthy of a prison might do the job, however nobody has resources to do such a thing, nor wants their property to look like, well a prison. Some people try by installing motion detecting water sprayers, but often find that those don’t work either. One of the most effective methods of avoiding them altogether is to literally trap them and relocate. The main goal here is to avoid as much damage to your property as possible. There are multiple things that can attract these guys in the first place. Bird feeder, ponds with fish, a deck or cozy shed they can live in or the most common reason they are found on properties; garbage. The idea here is to eliminate as many of these attractions as possible.

There are many products out there that claim to repel raccoons, truthfully they are all pretty much useless. From high frequency noise producers (these don’t work) to spray systems that are activated from motion, they’ve all proven to be less than effective at repealing raccoons. Although there are cases where an eviction fluid can work.

Keeping raccoons out of your garden is a tough one, however there are some cases where that motion sensor that sprays them might work.


There are several ways to avoid having raccoons make a mess of you garbage. Some people tie down the lids on their garbage bins with rope or bungee, or simply keep the garbage in the garage until it’s garbage day. Locks also work, or a heavy cover will also keep them from going in.

Ponds are another attraction for raccoons which would love to have some filet-o-fish for diner. A steel mesh over the pond where the fish can find some refuge. Also cinderblocks make for good hide out spots for the fish. Trapping and removing is always a very effective way racoon removal Toronto works. Whatever the case, you don’t want to feed anything to the raccoons. They have a large menu, and if it’s easy pickings, you better believe they’ll be back for more.

Pools are also a place they like to frolic in, and sometimes leave unpleasantness behind for you to go and clean up after a hard days work. Again, trapping and removing is the most effective way, but you can also place wooden planks on the steps with nails sticking out. You just have to remember they are there if you decide to go for a night swim,


Extremely adroit at climbing, raccoons don’t need a tree or a pole to make it to the roof of your house. If your home is near some woods, then you’re going to have a hard time keeping raccoons from coming to your building. Periodic inspections of you roof is a probably the best thing you can do, and make sure that there isn’t anything on your roof that might entice a raccoon to investigate and possibly enter your home. A small hole will suffice to encourage the coon to start ripping through your home. For this reason all holes big or small should be patched up with the appropriate material. Food is always a good enough reason for raccoons to be on your roof, so keeping your roof clean, debris free and repaired , is a good way to minimize critters from visiting.

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