How to Make Your Backyard Sun Safe for Kids
Mom putting sunscreen on daugher

Kids love to go out and enjoy great outdoors. The backyard is actually one of their most favorite places and here, they spend most of their time playing and enjoying the fine sunny day. However, you need to limit your kids’ sun exposure because too much exposure to the sun carries it with several unpleasant effects.
Protecting your kids from too much sun’s rays does not necessarily mean not giving them freedom to go outside and enjoy in the backyard. By making your backyard sun safe for kids, you are able to protect your kids from skin cancer and allow them to enjoy the warm yet beautiful weather at the same time.

The following are suggested and helpful ways on how to make your backyard sun safe for kids:


Hats can shade your kids’ faces when they are in the backyard. It is true that the face has the most sensitive skin and is usually the part that is most exposed to the sun. Wearing wide-brimmed hats are therefore advisable so parents need to ensure that their kids wear such kinds of hats to avoid sun burn and sun damage. By simply using these hats or making these readily available in the backyard especially during summer offer great amount of shade to the face and to the upper body while you and your kids are enjoying playing, swimming on a portable pool or grilling in the backyard.


Many parents certainly feel guilty to stop their kids from going outdoor and enjoying the sun in the backyard. In order not to stop them from enjoying a great day, one effective way of making your backyard sun safe for kids is creating chick ambiance of umbrella and lawn chairs. Parents can also take the initiative of investing in these beautiful and reliable UV shields. This will also enable the kids to enjoy the beauty of outdoors under comfortable and cool shades. With the help of these chairs and umbrellas in the backyard, kids and even their parents are given the chance to enjoy and experience the beauty and thrill of outdoor for longer period of time. You can even set up freshly grilled meals that your kids can enjoy.


You have probably heard it so many times, “do not forget your sunscreen”. If you wanted the backyard to be sun safe for your kids, allow them to apply gentle and mild sunscreen for kids before going out into the backyard. This is a simple step yet can create a big difference in terms of protecting your kids from skin cancer and sun burn.

Plant Trees

One of the best ways to make your backyard sun safe for kids is to plant trees. These are not just ornamentals but the keys to obtain fantastic shade. Also, being green as possible allow you to achieve better, healthier and safer environment for the kids and for the entire family as well.
There are actually countless ways on how to make your backyard sun safe for kids. It all takes some effort and creativity in order to allow your kids enjoy outdoor to the fullest in your sun safe and beautiful backyard.


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