Must Know Safety Tips For Using An Air Compressor

There are many reasons why you may want to use an air compressor. However, you need to ensure that you are always safe when you use this machinery. There are a number of safety tips that you need to know to use an air compressor safely.

General Safety Tips

Before you use an air compressor, you will need to read the owner’s manual. There is a lot of important information in there and you should never neglect looking at this. Improper use of an air compression is the leading cause of personal injuries related to these machines.

You should also always wear eye protection when using an air compressor. It is important that you try and avoid using your air compressor in any wet areas. If your air compressor is exposed to water for prolonged periods of time, rust can form on the tank, the tools could be damaged and problems could form in the electrical circuits.

Safety Tips For HosesPressure meters and compresser safety valve closeup

When using an air compressor, you need to ensure that all hose fittings are tight. A loose fitting will not only limit the performance of the air compressor, it can also cause personal injury and damage to your equipment. You also need to ensure that the hose is clean of dirt and debris. This will not only lengthen the lifespan of the hose, it will also ensure that your air compressor works correctly and does not cause damage to you or your environment.

Maintenance Safety Tips

Completing maintenance on your air compressor is important, but you need to ensure that this is done safely. You should never change or add oil or fuel to the compressor while it is still running or directly after it has been used. This will help you avoid fires and smoke along with a number of other issues which could arise.

Voltage Safety Tips

When the air compressor is plugged in, you need to ensure that the outlet is properly grounded. If the machine is plugged into an outlet that is not properly grounded, the electrical panel in the compressor may be affected. This increases the risks of the electrics catching fire and this is something that you need to avoid.

If you are going to be using an extension cord, you should consult your manual first. The manual will have information regarding the recommended extension cord use. The use of an extension which is longer than recommended could result in the power of the air compressor being compromised and this will increase the risks to the motor and electrics. You should also ensure that the extension cord you are using is structurally sound and that it does not have any exposed areas which could be affected by the elements.

There are a number of must-know safety tips for using an air compressor. These tips will cover the general use of the machine as well as the voltage, hoses and maintenance.


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