Safe and Creative Places To Hide Your Spare House Key

Everyone will be faced with a time when they need to use a spare house key. The only problem is that many people do not hide their spare keys securely.  Under your welcome mat, along the door frame or in the foam rock that just happens to be by your front door are not actually secure places to hide your key.  If you want to have your spare key accessible, but well hidden then you need to be creative with your hiding places. Local locksmith in Armadale, Maximum Lock and Security have shared a few of their ideas with us.

Away From Your Door

There are no rules which state that your spare key has to be within arm’s reach of your front door.  If you have an air conditioning unit or grill that sits along the side of your home then you could hide your key there.  Dropping the key

under the unit will ensure that you can get to it, but that other people will not know where it is.  If you have a grill you can superglue a small magnet and attach the spare key to this.

Using Your Pet

If you have a dog that is trained to come when you call then they can be the guardian of your spare key.  You could add a small pouch to their collar and hide your key inside this.  You could also affix your key to the collar in another manner if you do not want to add a pouch.  Most people will not assume that your key is on your pet’s collar.

Locksmith the key guard dog taking care of the spare key.

The Jar Of Keys

A creative method that is similar to keys on a wire is a jar of keys.  For this, you will need a mason jar or a jar that is large enough to hold a number of keys.  You should fill the jar with blank and dummy keys until it is half full.  You can then put your spare key in and fill the rest of the way with keys.  Once full you should shake the jar to mix up the keys.  To use this method, it is essential that there is some marking or another method that you use to identify your spare key from all the others in the jar.

Keys On A Wire

One of the most creative ways to hide your spare house key is among a number of other keys.  Replace your knocker with a ring of house keys or create a wind chime made from keys.  Your spare key will be hidden between a bunch of other keys.  It is important that you remember where you have placed the spare key and ensure that all of the other keys actually look like your house key.

Many people choose to have dummy keys in the bunch, but this is not always the best idea.  If all but one of the keys have no grooves then it is very easy for anyone to determine which is the spare house key.  You should include some keys that do not open anything, but look very similar to your house key.

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