The Different Types of Small Trailers And When To Use Them

Small trailers come in a number of different types and you need to know what these types are. It is also important that you know when you should be using the different types. Using the wrong type of trailer could result in damage to the goods you are transporting as well as additional drag on your vehicle.

A metal boxed trailer with a ramp

Open Trailers

As the name would suggest, open trailers do not have any covering which will protect your goods. They are generally made from high-quality welded steel and are usually the cheapest type of trailer to get. These trailers are usually used to haul items that do not need any special protection from the weather or are too large to fit into enclosed trailers.

If you are unsure of the weather in the area you are going to be transporting goods in, you should avoid this trailer. You should also avoid using this trailer type if you are going to be transporting value items because they could be damaged.

Enclosed Trailers

An enclosed trailer should be your first choice if you live or work in an area with inclement weather. These trailers will protect your goods from the elements and from theft. Enclosed trailers can be locked and will provide maximum protection for your goods. Enclosed trailers come in a variety of sizes and are made with a variety of materials.

The enclosed trailer is the most versatile of the small trailer types. This is due to the fact that it can be used to transport almost all items. The locking mechanism also makes it a good choice for transporting items of value or for long-distance transportation.

Foldable Trailers

Foldable trailers are generally used to transport heavy items from one place to another. Once the transportation has been completed, they can be folded and stored in small spaces until they are needed. These trailers often come with a range of features such as removable tailgates, bed liners, removable sidetracks and wheel as well as dumping features. These trailers have also been designed to easily fold and unfold in a matter of minutes.

A Sports Utility Trailer

Most people assume that utility trailers are outside the category of small trailer. While this is true for many utility trailers which are used to transport large machinery, equipment and goods, the sports utility trailer is different. As the name suggests, this trailer is generally used to transport sporting goods for recreational activities.

These trailers will generally be made with light-weight aluminum and will be enclosed. The enclosing materials will vary from rubber roofs to fiberglass walls. The interior of the trailer may be divided into sections depending on the sporting goods which are being transported.

There are many different small trailer types that you need to know about. Enclosed trailers are the most common and versatile, but open trailers can be used when the goods are too large for the enclosed trailer. Foldable trailers should be used if you have limited storing space and sports utility trailers are ideal for moving sporting goods.


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