Why rendering your home could be a wise investment

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It is becoming increasingly popular around Perth and its suburbs to render the external walls of the family home. The lure is obvious, a rendered house, often finished with a texture coat truly stands out amongst the neighbouring old brick homes. Commercial buildings are the same, your local shopping centre, gym or office buildings are almost always finished with some form of external render.

But apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal, why else may you wish to render your property? Historically, a key reason for rendering has been for protection against the elements: ie wind, sun and rain. The additional layer of what is effectively a cement mixture has been known for centuries to provide an extra layer of insulation for the cold winters and an extra shield against the sun in the summer. It’s no surprise then that iconic, sunny locations including Greece and Southern France feature many remarkable, rendered buildings from yesteryear.

Today in Perth, many more newly constructed homes feature rendered walls as opposed to a brickwork finish. Accordingly, this association of new homes and rendered walls has subconsciously convinced us that a rendered home is a new home. It is for precisely this reason that many homeowners elect to undertake this type of renovation. Rendering in an effective way to modernise and add value to a home, and with many different acrylic texture coat colours and textures available, you can certainly bring a unique and striking fresh look to your property.

There are literally hundreds of cominbations of colours and textures available and you can even opt for a sand finish – an external finish that is not intended to be sealed in acrylic render.

For a professional rendering service in Perth, see the team at Architex Plastering, they have a reputation among builders of impeccable work. Their website is full of up to date, relevant information so you make the right choice when entrusting a team to bring your home to its most stunning finish.

If done correctly, by competent, experienced tradesmen you can be sure that your property will require only minimal maintenance and that your home will be free from cracks and peeling for many years to come. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about your render project. What materials do you use? Are they from reputable known brands including Dulux and Tuffex? Are your applicators approved by the products’ manufacturer? What kind of warranty can we expect? Where can we see some example of your work?

Architex Plastering has been involved in the Perth rendering and acrylic texture industry for a long time, be sure to check out their website to find out more information.



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