Why You Should Never Have Your Wedding Reception At Home – A Realistic Approach
Beautiful wedding couple is enjoying wedding

Let’s face it right off the bat, every proper wedding is going to come with complications and challenges. And sometimes, in between all the madness, you suddenly get the bright idea of having your wedding reception at home. It will be cheaper, simple and elegant. Won’t it?

Thanks to all the pressure of making the day as perfect as possible, there’s a chance that your perception might be compromised. Of course, this is your wedding and you get to make ALL the choices. But there is no harm in taking a moment to really think about the decision. In fact, here are some good reasons why you should never have your wedding reception at home.

However, it should be noted that these reasons are based on the assumption you have an average-sized house. If you live in a big palace or castle, they probably won’t apply to your situation. But for the rest of the working class, the following realities have to be faced.

Beautiful wedding couple is enjoying wedding

Homes Aren’t Designed For Wedding Receptions

As much as you want to deny it, your home wasn’t built on the premise of occasionally entertaining a fair amount of guests. In fact, it was designed to be practical, and in some cases, stylish as well. Unfortunately, average homes simply aren’t equipped to make your wedding reception special or memorable.

And remember, this is a reception where guests want to dance and relax. Will there be enough room to accommodate those who like dancing and those who don’t? If you add the decorations, the space for the food and drinks, seating and the band/DJ, just think how crowded it’s going to get. Even with a small reception of 50 people, it won’t be comfortable for anyone. Using a function centre or hotel for your wedding reception is a much better idea.

Sharing Your Personal Space

There will always be a relative or guest who wants to snoop where they aren’t supposed to. Keep this in mind when you think about bringing everyone home and creating a very relaxed atmosphere. And with all the attention on the bride and groom, who is going to notice that snooping relative heading for your bedroom?

Difficult Neighbors

The last thing you want at your wedding reception is the police showing up, called by the neighbors because they can’t get any sleep. If they weren’t invited then why should they care? Basically, you run the risk of bringing the reception to a quick end when you do it at home.

As romantic, sentimental, and affordable as it might seem to hold the reception at home, there are too many challenges staring you in the face. Alternatively, if you don’t plan on having a big reception, you can rent a small hall. It won’t cost nearly as much as you think, there will be enough space for everyone, and your difficult neighbors won’t complain if the party goes on too long.

Do yourself a favor and consider all your options before hosting the wedding reception at home.


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